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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Playlist: Crack O' Dawn for October 8, 2010 (All day) | KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley: Listener Sponsored Free Speech Radio

Playlist: Crack O' Dawn for October 8, 2010 (All day) | KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley: Listener Sponsored Free Speech Radio

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pending Trip to Montreal

getting ready to go to montreal for the grandkid's bar mitzvah.
sadly or happily the kid has 3 grandmas, 2 of which are called "barb".
wearing my dad's tux which he had made for the first of my many weddings,
this one in june 1960. decided not to wear the see through top for this event.


barb 'n corey after tilden hike

Note great swimming pool mural by Johanna Poethig.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Me and Irving

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bernadette in Taman Otto Pool

Cindy Sheehan

Maybe she's turning the tide.
Was in front of French Hotel last nite. One of 900 "vigils" throughout US and the world.
Sang We Shall Overcome with trumpet player. Young girl, I had to sing the melody first and she picked it up.
Candles, horns tooting, cops watching, most sympathetic.


BARBARA GOLDEN: This ex-housewife/schoolteacher from Montreal has two passports, three divorces and four university degrees. She borrowed a friend's husband for 3 weeks and they drove across the continent so that she could attend the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College to study with Terry Riley, Robert Ashley, Lou Harrison, and Maggi Payne. Golden graduated with an MFA, and wrote her first song when she was forty, developing a following and reputation as the Joan Rivers and Mae West of the Bay Area experimental music scene. In 1984, Burning Books, "one of the most exciting small presses in the country", produced "Barbara Golden's Home Cooking", a music/recipe book, which delighted musicians, truck drivers,physicists, and chefs with its tasty recipes and tasteless songs. Marge Thomas of The Mills Quarterly says: "As a composer/songwriter, Barbara has raised bad taste to new depths." Currently, Golden produces and hosts "Crack o' Dawn", a contemporary music radio show for Pacifica and has interviewed the likes of Laurie Anderson, Leonard Cohen, Fakir Musafar, Frederic Rzewski, La Monte Young plus most of the avant garde composers of America.
Golden is a multi-discipline artist: she writes and performs cabaret songs with WIGband, the trashy/girl artband; her films are distributed worldwide by Encyclopedia Britannica; her videos (with Johanna Poethig & Helen Prince) and multimedia installations, including "Pink Pleasure" have been seen in S.F., New York, Toronto, Montréal, Budapest, and Prague.
In 1994, Golden was the recipient of a month-long Djerassi Foundation residency to start work on a CD-ROM, "20:Years/Journals". Summer of 1995,she performed with Gamelan Sekar Jaya, in Jakarta and Denpasar, as a guest of the Indonesian government. Then she went hiking in Nepal, and managed a women's b&b in Montreal for a month.Watch for the latest WIGband oeuvre "Silver Abs and Golden Buns", the exercise video that is a "must have" item for everyone's video library!

Laughter, sensuality, pleasure, and nonsense are antidotes to the harsh realities the world faces. Fun makes room for reflection, clears the mind for the spiritual repose needed, so that one might deal with one's fellow creatures in harmony and peace to face problems together or at the very least, to drink heavily together.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Barb In Fur

but now she's in shorts and a tank
Photo: Michael Schippling

Bill gets the blog up

Bill got up the blog today,